Monday, August 6, 2012

Some do not understand the main objective of becoming a PR

Some time back, I read in the forum, most probably written by a  Permanent Resident (PR), where the government should reward "long-stayer" PRs for remaining through thick and thin and drive home the point to all PRs that settling down has its privileges. Seriously, I'm not sure where that idea came from because it deviates from the objective of becoming a PR.

To any government, becoming a PR already means that you're interested in becoming a citizen. It's not something that is given to a foreigner just because they stay here for 5 years. Therefore, becoming a PR is already a stepping stone to becoming a citizen, and therefore awarded certain privileges not available to others who are not PRs.

So why should we reward long-stayer PRs? If they are really interested in staying in Singapore and going through thick and thin with us, then become a Singapore citizen. "Long-stayer" privileges? That's called becoming a citizen.

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