Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interesting use of iPads in a restaurant

It has been a long time since I stepped into Sakae Sushi but I was pleasantly surprised in the way that they are using technology to improve their productivity, in particular in ordering.

The concept is very simple. It goes back to the main objective of waiters and waitresses; to serve customers. Therefore, what they have implemented is to install iPads at each table, with an application to allow you to order directly from the iPad. I believe that they are also conscious of the fact that not all will know how to use or want to use the iPad, and prefer a more personal touch.

Therefore they have also configured the restaurant in a way that any section will be serviced by at least one waiter/waitress. The section is not big so that the waitress will not be overloaded. Based on my observation however, few people actually called the waiter/waitress for help, except when they need the bill.

There is of course room for improvement, mostly in how the app on the iPad was designed but I will say that this is the most productive way I've seen so far in usage of technology. They actually recognise that technology is only part of the solution, and not the whole solution. Kudos to Sakae Sushi.

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