Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There is no anonymity in the Internet

Seriously I'm not sure why some people think that there is anonymity in the Internet, so they can just post anything without giving a thought on whether what they are posting is accurate or correct. In the Internet world, any website knows who most users are visiting them at any point in time. Just think about it. How does your internet service provider knows that you're accessing the Internet? How does your provider knows how much data you're using? Your provider definitely knows who you are, where you are accessing the internet from, and what you're accessing. Otherwise, how could they bill you?

We need to be more responsible when we interact with other people in the Internet. Rule of thumb. If you do not dare to say what you're posting face to face with the person, then better re-look at what you're saying.

Remember whatever that you say or do can be tracked if there is a need to.

2 comments: said...

Most people who're on one social websites platform are likely to be on a minumum of one other.

Anonymous said...

It is the illusion of anonymity that accounts for it's allure

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