Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Skip Esplanade MRT to go to Marina Square

I'm done waiting for the Circle Line trains. If given the chance, I will avoid Circle Line at all costs. For those who are waiting for the trains at Circle Line, you can do a simple experiment. Look at number of minutes where the next train will arrive, and activate your stopwatch function on your watch or on your phone. You will realise that your stopwatch function may be faster than the time you see at the Circle Line.

Anyway, if you want a faster and more predictable journey to Marina Square, just alight at CityHall MRT station follow these steps
  1. Take the escalators up towards Raffles Shopping Mall
  2. Take the escalator down near the Starbucks on your right
  3. Go straight, following the sign indicating Esplanade MRT, and keep to your right.
  4. Take the escalator near the MPH to go towards the underground link that will link you to Esplanade MRT
  5. Upon reaching Esplanade Xchange, just go straight and you will reach Marina Square Basement link.

Time taken? Personally, I took less than 5 mins to reach Marina Square Basement from CityHall MRT control station. Definitely faster than the "6 mins" I have to wait for the Circle Line train.

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