Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CIOs, business first, technologists next.

I was reading a techrepublic blog here on the topic of CIOs place in an organisation. I fully agree that the CIOs should always put business first. However, to fulfill the role of CIO, they definitely need to be a technologist. Layman terms, the CIO needs to know what the technical team is doing.

The CIOs are in a unique position where they are a bridge between business and technology. That's why it is not a very easy post. If the CIO only focuses on business, then it's likely that some business decisions being made do not take into account the limitations of the technology infrastructure or even the technology itself. Budget wise, there might also be an issue because if you're not familiar with technology, it's very easy to under budget for purchases. That's the least of their problems. How about not mitigating the risks? DRP? BCP?

However, a technologist that do not understand the business operations is also not recommended. Focus on technology does not help the business bottomline. IT is just a means to an end. Enough said.

But then again, how many companies actually have a true CIO? Hmm...

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