Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Managing People is an art

I believe few know that it is actually not easy to manage people. In fact, most companies are just interested in how fast the employee is able to fulfill their KPIs and how much revenue the sales can bring in. However, they tend to neglect on the management of their staff. The mentality of most are the same. Someone else can do your job. Take it or leave it.

I find it very interesting that companies can spend a great deal of time and money in employing the right staff but never put much thought in ensuring how to keep them. Respecting and paying employees well for good work is both the right thing to do and helps in reducing employee turnover and associated costs. The indirect benefits include word-of-mouth advertisement of the company as an employer of choice and raising the level energy and creativity in the employee. How do you do that? Mostly in effective management of your employees. How many are able to do it? Not many judging from the job-hopping trend over here.

Many mistaken management of people by just leveraging only on the compensation.Compensation to an employee is more than just a paycheck. It is also about signaling to the employee about his or her value to the organization. Managing people is definitely an art, an art that few people have.

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