Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain Gardens is the solution to flooding?

I feel that one of the reasons why we have seen widespread flooding in certain areas in Singapore is due to the rapid deforestation due to the sale of land for building of properties. The trees and plants at those patches of land help to absorb the heavy rainfall, and in essence act as a "rain garden".

Rain gardens, essentially sunken areas filled with plants to collect surface water, is able to absorb the rainfall and prevent overflooding of drains and sewers if they are big enough. It's used in other countries where it's used for storm management.

Now with the rapid removal of these patches of land, our "storm management" has been greatly reduced, thus leading our drains and canals to be overloaded. Reinstating these rain gardens will not only help to control rainfall management, it will also bring back areas where families can gather for sports and kite flying. A place for de-stressing.

Hopefully the respective town councils and/or government will consider bringing back these "rain gardens".

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