Friday, July 8, 2011

Fireworks at Floating Platform@Marina Bay

Our National Days will always end with a bang, fireworks that is. As it was a pre-preview of the National Day, I was relieved that there were at least some fireworks in this pre-preview. This is however the first time that I've tried taking pictures of the fireworks, and I tried to take it without a tripod / monopod. Well considering I was with my family, I'm sure I'll get skewered if I left my seat to setup my tripod at some weird location. Anyway, you can read more about the National Day Pre-preview at the Floating Platform@Marina Bay here.

Since it'll be suicidal to take pictures of fireworks using slow shutter speed without a tripod, I have opted to use Aperture priority instead so that the fireworks do show up in my pictures. I did not anticipated that there is so much smoke though. Judging that I was right in front, I should have guessed as much that this will happen.

Anyway, the fireworks for this year's National Day parade looks a bit ... ... crowded? Not sure if it's due to the pre-preview (rehearsal?) but I find that the fireworks are just appearing all over the place. Generally, I would have thought that the fireworks would be shot at a certain direction but in this case, it happened all over the place, even beyond my peripheral vision. To top it off, they even shot one or two fireworks in the middle of the National Anthem.

Anyway, I hope the fireworks will be more organised coming National Day. At the very least, it should be shot all in the general direction. Below are some of the better pictures that I've managed to take without a tripod.

Now you don't see it

Now you do

Where am I suppose to look?

Distracted by these 2 bright balls and neglected the rest

Ditto for this picture. Didn't realised that there were other fireworks being shot

Only managed to catch the tail-end of the fireworks burst

Ditto for this picture

At least I got some of the burst

Finale I think. A lot of smoke though. :(

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