Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The new iOS for this June 2011?

Seems like someone from Vietnam has gotten hold onto a white 64GB iPhone with a slightly different iOS. Based on what I've seen in the videos, this is the key summary of changes:
  • Multi-tasking on the iPhone (double-tap on Home button) will now be similar to how you open multiple websites in Safari. However, does that mean there will only be a maximum of 9 background apps?

  • The search bar seems to have shifted to the multi-tasking screen.
  • A new pop-up screen design for creating app folders within the iPhone.

However, I did notice from the videos that Springboard was installed which means that the iPhone has been JB. There is a possibility that someone has added these custom features into the current iOS. Personally, I think it doesn't make sense for the search bar to be at the multi-tasking screen.

Personal opinion. I think this is a fake.

Anyway if you're interested, below are a couple of videos in Vietnamese on what I've mentioned above.

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