Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working from Home is not for everyone

Read an article today about working from home. I did have the opportunity to work from home previously and my feeling is that working from home is not for everyone. Advantage of working from home is that you cut your transport time but it does not work for all types of jobs.

Self discipline is very important when you work from home. Your family must know that at certain times, you are not to be disturbed. Being outcome driven and an expert in time management are mandatory requirements. You must know when to say no.

Working from home also does not apply to all types of jobs. If your job requires frequent interaction with people or requires access to location specific information, your job is not ideal for working from home. It does not apply to all types of jobs.

Last but not least, you will still have to meet up or go back to office once or twice a month. Like it or not, most of the jobs we are holding requires us to work as a team. If you are working as a silo, you are not working efficiently. The meet up is to catch up on the progress of the project and to discuss about the critical milestones.

I can go on and on about working remotely. For those interested, read up about kaizen, in particular the section on remote teams. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of such a setup.

Most importantly though, your boss must trust that you are responsible and will get the job done. That is the most important criteria if you wish to work from home.

Personally though, I like the face to face interaction. More work can be done for me if I am able to trash things out in person. Some things are hard to convey through written words. 8)

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Anonymous said...

life sucks working from home.I cant leave the house or i'll lose a significant amount of money.I currently work as a phone sex operator and making money is a 24/7 effort.I only make about $1500-$2000 a month, and i have to give up my personal life just to make that!Sure their are good times when i make a lot of money and do well.I get to talk to a lot of regular people(despite what some might think) and get to build up repor with my frequent callers.I become part of their everyday lives ,and in a small way i feel i get to touch their

The other side is is that i dont get to leave my home and build healthy relationships with people because im so obsessed with making my money.I hold more dirty thoughts in my head than a drunken sailor back from a 6 month deployment,(because of this i've become a prude with all of my personal friends..(noany kind of sex talk unless im getting paid, just the subject repulses me!!)

I have to watch what i eat because all i do is sit around at home!The whole situation is wacko.I long for a regular job a lot more than when i did have one.It seems like you can never have it perfect.We might just have to agree that all work sucks no matter!

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