Monday, October 4, 2010

Mediacorp needs competition

I really miss SPH Mediaworks now. When SPH Mediaworks were around, Mediacorp tried to innovate and the result was interesting programmes for both SPH Mediaworks and Mediacorp programmes. After SPH Mediaworks merged with Mediacorp, Mediacorp has went back to its old ways most probably because there is a lack of competition. They are the only broadcaster in Singapore and they have no incentives to innovate and improve because there is no need.

One of the examples of how laid back Mediacorp is now is last Sunday's movie showcase. I believe all of us seen the I am Legend advertisements the past few days. Guess what movie was shown just now? I-Robot. Wasn't it suppose to be I am Legend?

This is such a simple task. A sign of complacency?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mediacock is has that got to do with lky's wife death? people wanna watch i am legend , nobody gives a flying shit about lkys wife...

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