Friday, October 8, 2010

Web Analysis: Another use of Cloud Computing.

Recently I was reading about a certain organisation's social media monitoring tool and I agree that it is one of the types of cloud computing applications that would be useful to any organisation.

Basically, you're using the cloud computing infrastructure to scan and analyse the web for certain bits of information that are of interest to you. In the above context, it's to check on what people are saying about your organisation. However, this could be anything ranging from a certain rival's product launch, or a certain area that you're interested in and wish to "follow".

Cloud computing will be useful in this case because you may need the information on an ad-hoc basis. Therefore, it's not cost effective for you to own the infrastructure to support such a setup if the information is only needed maybe once a month.

Quite interesting to see that cloud computing vendors are finally providing applications that businesses are really interested in.

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