Friday, October 22, 2010

I really wonder what's the consultation all about

I really do wonder whether any thought was given to the topics that the Singapore government throws out for consulting. The recent consultation which I found laughable was the increase in fine if the telcos violate their licence conditions or codes of practice. Instead of having a fixed ceiling of $1 million, they are considering tweaking the formula so that operators can be fined up to 10 per cent of their annual turnover.

I find it very amusing that the government is consulting the very companies that they're regulating and asking them if it's reasonable to increase the penalty. Which company will say oh it's perfectly fine. 10% of the annual turnover is reasonable. Yes yes. And pigs can fly too.

If the government consults us, the citizens, if it's reasonable to fine someone $300 for littering, do you think anyone will say that it's reasonable. Most I guess will say that a warning is more than enough. Does that mean the government is going to remove the fine?

Speaking of $300, recently SMRT was fined $300 as two of its services failed to leave the bus terminals on time on three occasions in the last six months.

SMRT, a big company earning millions of dollars per year, being fined $300 for not adhering to the contract.


Citizens, most earning around 5 digits per year, also being fined $300 for littering.

Laughable right? What's the use of the penalty then as deterrence? $300 for a big company like SMRT. I will say that they can even pay for it by getting the staff in one of the divisions within SMRT to donate $1 each. I always find it amusing whenever I read such news.


Anonymous said...

It ain't funny if the SMRT pass the $300 fine to the drivers concerned.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, i think u shd know SG Inc's mentality by now. All these so called consultation is just wayang for-show. The top level already decided on the matter before the consultation even took place. If u work for govt bodies, u would eventually get to experience this: u'll be asked to study whether to go ahead with an issue or not, and u conclude the answer is no. Then ur boss will next ask u to write a paper to _justify_ proceeding with it. Total nonsense!

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