Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The days of printer drivers will be over?

Back in April, I actually mentioned here that the acquisition of WebOS by HP would usher in a new way of printing. I didn't realised that I was dead right.

The new platform by HP, called ePrint, allows users to print from any device to a Web-enabled printer using e-mail. Each printer gets its own unique e-mail address, and designated users can use their smartphone, tablet or laptop to print remotely--no drivers necessary.

The days of installing printer drivers will be over and I will have no problems printing anything from any device. Yes, I'm talking about the iPad and iPod too.

Anyway, HP intends to have this for the cloud and it really does make sense. How else can you print documents from the cloud? E-mail will be the easiest. I am assuming of course that the printer recognises SSL enabled emails. Standard security concerns?

Since I actually mentioned this idea (except for the cloud portion) way back in April, I wonder if they copied the idea from me? :)

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