Monday, September 6, 2010

We complain too much?

Seriously, I don't think we complained too much about the overcrowded MRT and car parks simply because there is always a reason why the "uproar" occurred in the first place.

Did many people complain about the MRT when the overcrowding first started? Not really. Overcrowded MRTs during peak hours are a fixture for a very long time. Most of us take it because it's normal. However, the problem came when someone said that the train is not overcrowded and try to push out statistics to prove it. That was the breaking point. Anyone who takes the MRT knows for the fact that it is overcrowded. By insisting there isn't such a problem means that the person does not even know what's happening on the ground! How would you feel if you face a problem day in day out and someone comes up to you and say, "What problem?"?

I do not have any personal experience in overcrowded car parks but from what I heard, it happened after the COE prices dropped to an average of $10,000. Just imagine that you have a car and you've purchased your season parking slot for the nearby car park. You're coming back home after a long day at work and upon reaching the car park, there are no parking lots available for you. Worst still, all the nearest car parks are all occupied and you know that the "friendly" auntie will not care that you couldn't find a space to park. By the way, it's not easy to get a season parking slot too in some of the estates?

Do we complain too much? Or the "service" that we're getting is not in line? I rest my case.

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