Thursday, September 2, 2010

iOS v4.1 Features

There was an update to the iOS v4.1 in yesterday Apple's event. Seems like they will fix the following bugs:
  1. Proximity Sensors issues on the iPhone 4
  2. Bluetooth connectivity issues
  3. iPhone 3G performance issues

They will also add some new features in iOS v4.1:
  1. Game Center
  2. iTunes TV show rentals
  3. iTunes Ping (Apple's social networking)
  4. HDR Photography for iPhone 4
  5. HD Video Uploads to YouTube and MobileMe for iPhone 4

That's one advantage about getting the iPhone. You'll get new features free of charge every now and then. :)

iOS v4.1 is suppose to be released some time next week. No exact dates were given though. You can refer to the features of the iOS v4.1 here.

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