Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Postman should prevent spam, and not just let the spammers get away with it!

Just some time back on a weekday, I was having lunch at a coffeeshop at some corner of Tiong Bahru when I observed something that shocked me.

I saw a postman opening the master letterbox to post letters. At that moment, an uncle appeared and started putting in spam (pamphlets) for each letterbox. The postman just stared at him and did absolutely nothing! In fact, he stepped aside and let that uncle finish spamming before posting his letters!

The postman shows a total disregard of the responsibility of holding on to the master key for the letterbox. What's the purpose of having this master key? To allow people to slip in pamphlets?

To me, it just shows that the postman shows a total disregard to the responsibility he is holding. Can Singpost monitor this kind of behaviour? Not likely. I was too far to take any clear pictures. Otherwise, the postman will find himself on STOMP.

How to prevent this? Haven't the faintest idea. If the person shows disregard to the responsibility he is holding, there is nothing much the organisation can do except to punish him during appraisal, provided they have evidence.

The only way I guess is to put that postman's face up in STOMP. I might start bringing a camera with me next time during lunch.

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