Tuesday, December 29, 2009

iPhone 3GS uses only 10% battery power in 1 day!

Many forums have blasted Apple for the short battery life-span of the iPhone. Recently, I may have finally understood why this may not be totally true through my abnormal usage of the iPhone. :)

Why abnormal? All iPhone users with data plans will always use the iPhone to access some applications every now and then, be it a game, news reader or a utility. On that particular day, I've somehow only used the iPhone for phone calls and SMSes as I had a busy day. No time to even look at my "favorite" news applications or emails. I was surprised to find out at the end of the day, I have only used 10% of the battery life. I did had a few phone calls and SMSes throughout that day. This is actually comparable to the SE W595's battery life. The caveat of course is that I have did some battery optimisation for my iPhone. You can refer to my previous post here.

Translated... If you're using the iPhone as if you're using any other phone, you can actually get comparable battery life. But then again, why on earth would iPhone users want to do that? That defeats the purpose of getting the iPhone. :)

On a separate note, the iPhone 3GS seems to have slightly better battery life than the iPhone 3G. I am now able to "survive comfortably" on the iPhone for 2 days without charging. Hmm...

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