Friday, December 25, 2009

Furniture hunting is hard work

I did not expect to spend Christmas hunting around for furniture but that's basically my programme for the day.

Seems like I have been hunting for furniture if there is any spare time on my hands. Trying to match the design / color / theme of the house with the furniture is driving us nuts, not to mention that we have to keep within budget.

The problem is that off-the-shelf furniture may not fit very well with the theme you have in mind. I have hunted in the usual haunts (courts, furniture mall, novena, ikea) with limited success. It doesn't help that Singapore flats are quite small to begin with, which means extra care must be taken to ensure that you have enough walking space after your furniture is fitted in (and fits your theme as well).

My advice to those moving in to a new flat to start your furniture hunting early. It is not as easy as you think it is and do note that different furniture shops have different rules with regards to delayed delivery. Based on my understanding, Courts is ideal for situations where you need soon/immediate delivery while others may allow delayed delivery (e.g. Furniture Mall, Novena). You'll need to ask around.


Chin Hong said...

Hihi... You might want to check out furniture warehouse for furniture also. They've got plenty of branches around, and a wide variety of design and colours.

Got most of my furniture from there. :)

chantc said...

Hey thanks. I know its from the Star Furniture Group. I saw their furniture before at furniture mall. It doesn't really suit our theme though so we gave it a miss.

We prefer a more woody theme, which makes things harder to find.

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