Monday, December 7, 2009

iPhone plans for M1 and Starhub

As I indicated in the previous post here, the iPhone plans are finally ready for both M1 and Starhub before Christmas. You can take a look at the individual plans if you click on the above links. However for some reason, Starhub does not have the price of the iPhone for each plan. M1's iPhones will start selling on 9 Dec.

Anyway in general, M1's iPhone plans are the cheapest of all the 3 telcos. I guess M1 is serious about taking market share. All along, they have positioned themselves as a content provider which was why I was surprised they did not offer iPhone in the first place.

Based on M1's pricing, it seems that they are not banking on making money off the data plans. Instead, I think they might be aiming to jump into the AppStore bandwagon and maybe start developing applications so as to have another recurrent income. Just a thought.

Now let's see Singtel's reaction. I wonder will the Singtel subscribers jump ship now?


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'm an M1 subscriber and had been feeling trapped by the lack of iPhone for the past 1+ year. Now they've _finally_ gotten it here.

Am tempted to get one as a Christmas present, but then Apple typically update the hardware in Jan/Feb, so I guess I'll wait a while and see...

chantc said...

I don't suggest that. iPhone only updates every June since the first generation of iPhone. The updates will be announced during Apple's annual WWDC.

Jan/Feb is more for the Macs.

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