Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cloud Computing useful for mobility workers

Did you know that one of the F1 teams actually make of use cloud computing services to support the team's operational needs? Although only cloud services such as web security tools, secure e-mail gateway and SSL VPN were used, this brings about an important point that cloud services are actually useful for people who move around often.

However if you note the services used, you can also see that core services that are data sensitive are not being used widely. What the F1 team did was to subscribe to a direct line that links to their factory in U.K.

I believe for public cloud services, HR systems (e.g. leave systems) will be quite popular and maybe e-mail or even video conferencing services together with IP telephony. I firmly believe that cloud services should be built with that intended audience (mobile workers) in mind. Only when you know the target audience would you then be able to build useful services.

Do not build services based on what the technology can offer but instead, build it based on the actual need.

After all this time, I still think that hybrid cloud services are the way to go to go around the security constrain. I believe the industry is moving along this track though. Hope to see more interesting services in the cloud.

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