Saturday, October 10, 2009

Am I considered engaged or married?

The funny part about being a Chinese will come when you decide to get married. It's customary for Chinese to hold a wedding banquet and invite relatives and friends to announce your marriage. Therefore, we're usually considered not married until we hold the banquet.

However, this goes into conflict with the law because the law states that you cannot hold your customary wedding until you've registered your marriage. Therefore, you're not considered married until you've registered with the Registry of Marriages, popularly known here as ROM.

So what is the status of people like me who decided to register my marriage first before holding the wedding banquet?

Somehow, the trend here for Chinese is that ROM is only considered an engagement and you're not considered married until you hold the banquet. However by looking at the definition of engagement, this is not the case because the definition is a promise to marry or an agreement to be married.

By definition and by law, I'm considered married. But by Chinese custom, I'm not. So am I married or not?

Here's the other funny part. The reason why I'm thinking about this is because I do not know what to put for my Facebook status. :)


meimei said...

by law, you're married. to your parents, you're promised to get married... =))

Anonymous said...

FB's status = Complicated?

chantc said...


Yuuki said...
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Yuuki said...

LOL! You're MARRIED!!! You just haven't had the wedding yet =X Marriage != Wedding =) (Omg geeky sentence)

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