Tuesday, December 23, 2008

VirtualBox 2.1 does not support VHD again.

I wonder if it's the trend that Microsoft products are never compatible with any other software. The latest VirtualBox 2.1 now prevents me from even adding my VHD file. Some header problem.

I know it is VirtualBox's problem because that same VHD file worked (for a short time) with VirtualBox 2.0.6. Anyway, I have given up trying to make VHD work with VirtualBox until the next version comes out.

There's also still a problem with the Network Adapter if you have 2 adapters configured for the same VM. I usually have 1 NAT adapter, and 1 Host adapter. I've only enable 1 at any time, but somehow, Windows XP keeps detecting that there is 2 and it keeps trying to connect to the disabled adapter. It's just a little irritating for it to keep connecting to an adapter that's disabled.

On a side note, the Mac version has improved and now VT-x/AMD-V is supported again. How do I know? Because my Windows XP on VirtualBox started to slow down, and my Mac is a little faster when VirtualBox is on. If you want to speed up your VirtualBox, just do not enable VT-x/AMD-V in the settings.

Saving and restoring snapshots are still quite fast. Now I have a habit of not even shutting down my VM. I just close the VM to save the current snapshot. :)

One thing to note before you upgrade your VirtualBox, is that to make sure to shutdown all your VMs before updating. Otherwise, your snapshots will be invalid after the update. I've made the same mistake every single time I updated VirtualBox. :(

Now... If only the VHD problem is resolved.

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