Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finally got the Maestro CC-150 Hard Foam Guitar Case

After hunting around for a hard foam classical guitar case at my usual haunts, I've finally settled down to the Maestro CC-150 Hard Foam guitar case. For some reason or another, classical guitar hard foam guitar cases are almost extinct in Singapore. I cannot even find a single hard foam guitar case for the classical guitar except in Maestro.

Initially I thought Yamaha at Plaza Singapura sells the hard foam guitar case for classical guitar. Upon asking them however, they said that the Gator GL-Dread hard foam guitar case is not meant for the classical guitar. If you wish to use it for the classical guitar, you'll need to put in some thing to keep the guitar in place. Darn...

Thereafter, I spied this Maestro CC-150 hard foam guitar case from a catalogue I got from Maestro at the start of the year. I was wondering if the price will drop during December, but I think this hard foam guitar case is too popular in Singapore. It still costs $99.90 and I happened to get the last one in the shop.

Basically the hard foam guitar case is quite solid, and much lighter than the hard case I bring around. In fact, it is so light that I had to double check that my guitar is in the case. My Yamaha CG201S still moves slightly when it is in the case but it is quite minimal. It's much better than the guitar cases I saw previously, when I have to wedge something in-between to stop it from moving too much.

One thing I like about the CC-150 is that I can carry it around like a backpack. I've been looking for such a guitar case for a very long time. The hard case is causing me to have a workout everytime I bring it out and I do admit that I'm getting old. :) My strength is not what it used to be. Wearing my guitar case like a backpack frees my hands for other stuff. This is especially important if you use the public transport.

There is a outer pocket that allows you to put your file. The outer pocket is quite big and I could fit both my file, and my small umbrella. Although the straps look like they are double sewed, I will still not advise putting too heavy stuff in the guitar case.

One important point to remember is that no matter what, always bring your guitar along when you are buying a guitar case. :D

Now for some pictures of my new guitar case. :)

CC-150 side view

CC-150 front view

CC-150 backview with straps

CC-150 interior, with guitar

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