Saturday, December 13, 2008

Little Information on Singapore Electricity Tariffs

I was reading a forum article today that was "admonishing" people that EMA's website has all the information about how they calculate the electricity tariffs.

So for curiosity sake, I went there to take a look. After reading for about 1 hour, I'm still clueless on the number 1 question in my mind.

What's the breakdown of Singapore's electricity tariffs and how is it calculated every 3 months?

In fact, the only linkage I have on the breakdown of the electricity tariffs was at SP Services. Even then, it's solely inadequate. According to SP Services on the electricity tariff:
  1. 60% of the cost is pegged to fuel prices.

  2. 80% of Singapore's power generation use comes from natural gas

  3. Natural gas is pegged to fuel oil prices. As tariffs are set in advance for the next three months, the tariffs are pegged to forward fuel oil prices. Forward fuel oil prices are the actual prices which the oil market trades for fuel oil deliveries for a future period.

  4. Electricity meters are read once in two months and estimated in between. Any over- or under-estimation is adjusted when the actual reading is obtained.

  5. Readings will be estimated based on the last two actual readings. The difference in the actual meter readings gives the actual consumption over the two-month period. Daily average consumption is derived by dividing the actual total consumption by the number of days during this period. The daily average consumption multiplied by the number of days in the month gives the consumption for that month.

That's it! That's all the information I can gather from clicking around for 1 full hour, and it's not even at EMA's website.

Transparency of our electricity tariffs?? Like real.


Xtrocious said...

Shocking isn't it? (No pun intended) hahah

But seriously, access to information is so difficult here - be it Town Councils' investments/losses to just statistics on what residents/non-resident jobless rates

If two professors can be ticked off for not using the correct statistics (which were unavailable to them), what can we mere mortals do?

chantc said...

And guess what? The mere mortals are paying them millions of dollars in salaries for this kind of standard.

Remarkable isn't it...

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