Monday, December 1, 2008

Resolve MacBook Charging Problem

Just recently, I have encountered a problem where my MacBook refused to charge its battery. When I plug in the power, the Mac OSX just gives an indication that it is connected to a power source (a plug icon), but it does not indicate that it is charging. The normal red light that the connector gives when charging, and the green light when it is no longer charging no longer appears. In fact, there is no color.

This is quite problematic for me because this means that I have a battery but it cannot be charged! Luckily, I manage to resolve it with 1 simple step:
  1. Clean the power connector and the area where the connector connects to the MacBook, with a piece of tissue

That's it... After cleaning it with a piece of tissue, my MacBook started charging again, and the light indicators are working now.


Anonymous said...

I have had this same problem 2 times. the first time nothing would work I cleaned it, unplugged, etc... I tried using a friends power chord and that one worked, so then I tried mine and it worked! so weird, but my warranty was still good so I sent for a new power chord.
This 2nd time just happened and I unplugged it from my comp and the wall closed my mac waited about a min then plugged it all back in and now it works again.

WTF! I thought Macs were supposed to be good and I spent +$1,000 on it and i expect no problems!!!

chantc said...

Nothing will have no problems. Problems will always come in anything.

Hmm... But cleaning the connectors with tissue does the trick for me. I do "scrub" a little hard though. :)

moss said...

wow...worked, i was in greef! thanx!

Unknown said...

Apple has become a huge disappointment for so many it is sad. They were on to something very well for a bit, but all of my apple toys are amongst the most unreliable products that I have ever had! That is all.

Unknown said...

Apple products are nice, expensive, and extremely unreliable! I haven't been happy with them since my MacBook turned a year old. All of the sudden there are corrupt software in my iPhone and bad updates on my iTunes, etc. Nothing but problems! I hate Mac

chantc said...

I'm not siding Apple but unless your corrupt software in the iPhone is made by Apple, the problem is with the app developers, and not Apple. A lot of App developers did not follow the API recommendations and many of the apps are badly written. I especially dislike the CNA app. Crashes all the time.

With regards to the Macbook problems, I think it really depends on your luck. I know of people who got their Macbook for years without problems.

I got this problem about a year after I got the Macbook though. Maybe it's allergic to dust. :p

Anonymous said...

I have an 82 year old Grandmother who got a new Macbook MC516B/A for her birthday and can' get the stupid charger light to come on.
She cant walk that well and uses the Macbook to connect to the outside world and now she cant use it because its out of battery.


chantc said...

If cleaning the power connector doesn't help, I suggest going back to Apple to complain.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed, inconvenienced, and ordered new adaptor. Tried all of the mentioned resolutions but have no connectivity, no lights.
Possible apple solutions: Rent-a-cord; reduced replacement price; resolve issue permanently; add regular electrical prongs and receptor within macbook!

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