Monday, January 7, 2008

Motorola Q9H a winner?

For Everyday, Work and Thrills. The newest smart phone from Motorola, the Motorola Q9H.

Basically, it uses Windows Mobile 6, has a qwerty keyboard, HSDPA (3.5G) connection, a 2.0MP camera with digital zoom and LED photo indicator light, and a microSD memory slot.

Judging from the pictures I saw from, it seems to be quite small. In fact, the width of the phone looks comparable to the latest iPhone. Motorola is famous for its V3, which I'm still using now. According to the Motorola's website, the dimension is only 118 x 66.7 x 11.8mm! Look at the picture below:

Looking at the qwerty keyboard, it seems to have one key access to the calendar, contacts, music, camera and speaker phone. One thing I like about the Motorola V3 is that I could customize short cut keys to basically almost any application I want. According to what I have researched on the Q9H, it seems to support this customization too.

I do not wish to go into the details of what Windows Mobile 6 provides. However, there is one key thing to take note. It seems to offer a pre-installed Opera browser! I have always been a fan of Opera browser on the handphone because of its functionalities, and now this comes free!

Most important to all will be the battery life. According to what I have researched on the internet, it seems that Q9H can last from 1 day to 3 days, depending on which battery pack. There seems to be a bigger battery pack which can last up to 3 days. A little unsure because I do not have the phone. I have tested a Dopod D810 before, which I have recommended to a customer, and based on my usage, it lasted 3 days. I guess it depends on one's habits. I won't know until I start using one.

According to the specifications, it seems to have dual stereo speakers! Wow... Translated, that means the speaker phone should be quite good.

After reading through the specifications, I realised that there's one thing missing though. There's no Wifi. I guess the Motorola people are focusing more on 3G and 3.5G.

I have always been wondering if I can get a smartphone which battery can last relatively the same as a normal phone. Maybe this is the answer? It does seems that Tuzki, the bunny you see on top is enjoying the phone. :)

Now, if only I can get my hands on this phone...

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