Monday, September 22, 2014

Putting the bag down may not save space

Recently there has been some push on how you can save space in the MRT by moving into the carriage for e.g. However, I disagree with the push on putting the bag down because of a very simple reason. Those people who put down the bags, tend to stay put at that location.

Yes. If you take the MRT very regularly, you'll realised that this is very common. There can be many reasons why they do this but I can hazard some guesses:
  1. After putting the bags down, you do not have space to bend down and shift your bags.
  2. Your bags are too heavy and bulky so it's difficult to move the bags whenever free space is available.
  3. You're too busy with watching that latest Korean drama or that latest candy crush level to move.

So what happens when a person puts down their bags but did not move in when more space is available within the carriage? You block everyone from moving in. In fact, I find that some of them even take up more space by putting down their bags then when they are holding it.

Looking at it from the physics point of view, it also doesn't make sense. The bags are mostly physical objects. Putting your bags do not change the shape, size and volume of the bag. Therefore, you're just shifting that particular volume of space from the back to somewhere else. The space is still being taken. Unless you have some special space in the carriage to put your bags down like the Japananese trains, there is no difference holding your bags or putting your bags down because you're still taking the same amount of space.

If you're holding your bags, you're more mobile and you're able to move in when space is available. Therefore, from a longer term perspective, you actually create more space in the MRT train because of the proactiveness.

The keyword is proactiveness. Putting the bags down actually hinders proactiveness because you're stuck with your bag.

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