Monday, September 8, 2014

Passion is important!

Recently one of the ministers remarked that young people should do something that is practical and leads to a decent job. Interests can be pursued as a passion rather than a career. Maybe I'm not in the same generation but I totally disagree with that.

I believe that people with passion can change whoever they are in contact with. If you are truly passionate about something and choose it as a career, the journey will be hard but it will be rewarding. You will end up excelling in what you're doing and people will start to appreciate your efforts and your determination in honing your passion.

However, do not mistake passion with likes. They are very different.

Personally, I just use one simple rule to determine if you like something, or you're passionate about something. Will you forgo your sleep just to ensure that what you're doing is done perfectly? If the answer is no, then you're not passionate about it. Plain and simple.

If you are truly passionate about something, you will take all effort to perfect what you're doing. Yes, you may not have the necessary skills to set up a business and do the marketing but you need not do everything yourself.

All the innovative and creative products in the world came as a result of passion, not as a result of people throwing money around. If Singapore wants to encourage innovation and creativity, then we must be given the avenue to pursue our passion.

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