Monday, September 29, 2014

Personal security is usually the problem

Recently there was an iCloud hacking incident where certain individuals' accounts got hacked and certain private information was shared to all. As a result, the immediate "reaction" from some organisations is to ban the device. However, is that the real issue?

Getting access to an account because of easy-to-use credentials does not make a device vulnerable. Any device that is "locked" in such a manner is vulnerable. It doesn't matter if it is an iOS device, an Android device, Microsoft device, Tizen device or a Symbian device. It will not matter.

The real issue is that most people are not treating their online presence seriously. One will take the precautions to install multiple locks in their homes, with a state of the art alarm system, but yet leave their user IDs and passwords lying around, or using easy to guess credentials to their online accounts, which sometimes contain some of their most personal information.

Personal security begins with each individual. If you are putting your credentials online, make sure you are securing it properly. If you do not leave your home door open or your house key hanging outside your house, don't do the same for your online account.

Of course you could always avoid using a smart device like a smart phone or a smart tablet. If you are using these devices, prepare to give some of your personal information away, even your own location at any point in time, because there's ain't no such thing as a free lunch (TANSTAAFL).

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