Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Shouldn't the focus be on availabiity of 4G than ...

Recently the telcos have been trying to get consumers pay more for 4G, or incorporate new technology where you can finally make phone calls using the 4G network, which will seamlessly fall back on 3G not available. However, they seem to not realise the fundamental issue. 4G is not available everywhere.

Reason is very simple. For example, I travel to work using the trains everyday. When I'm in the train, there's no 4G. Within my office building, I also do not have 4G. At home, I have 4G at certain areas of my house.

So if I do not have 4G coverage almost everywhere I go, why do I want to pay more for this service which does not come by very often? Sometimes I do not even get 3G signals in those areas, especially the trains. Don't let the phone fool you into thinking you have 3G/4G connection. Try refreshing Facebook and you'll realised the phone does not tell you the "full story" about your data connection strength.

Stop concentrating on getting consumers pay more and start fixing all the issues so people can take advantage of the 4G everywhere in Singapore.

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