Monday, June 23, 2014

4G call? Even 3G call is not reliable.

Recently there is news of a Single Radio Voice Call Continuity capability, which automatically switches ongoing 4G calls without interruption to the 3G network if users lose connection to the 4G network. This is to allow calls to be made using 4G.

However, whoever who started this is missing one big issue. 4G is not available everywhere. If it is not available where most people are at most of the time, that is indoors, what's the use of this service? Instead of getting this service available throughout Singapore, it is looking into this kind of technology where few people can take advantage of.

In addition, even the 3G service is not reliable indoors, which by the way, is where most of us are at more than 80% of our time. Why are we then talking about 4G? Will the service be reliable? It better be because I'm sure it will not be a free service.

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