Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ask the correct person to get your answer. Living far apart is a big thing.

I find it puzzling that why some interviewed couples who have not yet married, their thoughts if they live far from their parents. You will not get a reliable answer from them because of a very simple reason. They are not in the situation so they will not be able to give you a valid answer.

Living an hour away from your parents is a big thing and I tell you why.

Let's say you visit your parents once a week. You visit them after work, have dinner, with them, talk to them until about 10pm. What time do you reach home? 11+pm at night. Don't forget you have 2 sets of parents so you have to do it twice a week. By the time you wash up, it's almost midnight.

Living an hour away is not a big thing? It is a big thing when you have worked the entire day and still need to take an hour to reach home to rest so that you can go to work the next day. This is in addition to most families who live quite far away from their office area, which is also sometimes an hour away.

Yes, it does mean a lot.

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