Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why are bigger phones more expensive than smaller ones?

This is something that I've never understood. Not so long ago, I remember trying to get phones that are as small as possible because well, I did not like lugging along a big phone that makes me look like a dork trying to put a big plank of wood to my face. However, recently, this seems to have changed.

If we look at it from the manufacturing point of view, if you're able to design the components such that every single component within the phone is designed optimally and the size is just right, it is alright to charge a premium. However, now it seems that everyone is trying to design phones that are as big as possible. They give reasons that well, the screen is big so you can see more things.

Seriously, we been though that back in year 2000. In fact, I think it's a lazy excuse to stop designing components as small as possible and go back to the days where we put a big plank of wood to the face.

Well designed phones, in my personal opinion, should be slightly smaller than your face, for the very reason that the microphone should be as near to your mouth as possible. There is no other reason why your phone should be bigger than that.

If your phone is bigger than that, then you're doing something on the phone that is not meant to be done. Remember. The phone's primary purpose is to communicate, not to watch movies or play games. If your phone is big, well, it should rightly be cheaper than phones which are smaller for a very simple reason. The components within are not optimised and are not as small as it can possibly be.

Anyway, in case you're unaware, try to stop playing games and watching movies for a week and you will be amazed how long your phone can last. In my last experiment with my iPhone, the phone only uses 10% battery per day for phone calls and messaging, including iMessage/WhatsApp.

Go figure...

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