Monday, May 19, 2014

Commenting anonymously is a bad habit

Having seen many of the articles online, it seems like there is a bad habit of people commenting without thinking of the consequences, because they are well, commenting it anonymously.

You see it everywhere. Many comments with words that you usually will not hear in any type of conversation. The question is, if you do not say these words when you're face to face with others, why do you think it is fine to say it online?

Therefore, I can only conclude that they were behaving the way they were because they thought that they are commenting anonymously. Yes.

Basically, for any typical internet users, you are never anonymous because for the very simple fact that you're seeing something on your screen. For the screen to change, it has to send information to you. To send information to you, that means it knows where you are, which means you can be traced.

So for all those who think that you're communicating anonymously, then think again. Rule of thumb. If you are not willing to voice what you're writing out face to face, don't write it.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually see the person key in those words(anonymous comments)? Don't anyhow humtum ok. Unless the person said I did it, and provide evidence of deeds committed, are we to believe any claims by anonymity. You can't freely accuse "someone" behind the keyboard by tracing IP address.

Comments are comments unless are worthy of attention. And words stand or fall on its own merit and should we fear unless is the truth?

In short, do you need us to nanny/moderate/censor your thinking? Are you(the vast majority) that vulnerable?

As for lies, who would generally lie about you? Even if someone or unknown lie about you or someone important , should you believe it without concrete(note) evidence?

Yes, there will be some who would believe in religious garbage(or lies) but do you see these people sued or obliterated/ annihilated/ censored/moderated/killed etc who took gullible followers money?

They will be a minority who will sell their HDBs and give all their proceed to god in the air(money goes to people actually). Can we sue those who take idiotic people's money?

We live in the real world, not a world dictated by morons.

Anonymous said...

public and police will be interested in how "some people" criminally attack/spy on computers and gather information against them..ahhaha

if they can do that..they may also spy on your parents in the bathroom or brdroom..hahahaha...eyes so dirty one...hahahhaha

chantc said...

Do not think that IP address is the only way to track down people. That's old news. Now there are a variety of ways to track a person down, unless you live in a world where you live totally in a silo. From the fact that you're active in social media, it's easy to track down a person.

The point is not about commenting anonymously. It's about commenting as if you're talking to the person face to face. Not many have the self discipline to comment based on factual information. You will also not appreciate factual information until you're the target.

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