Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I do not think Internet TV is useful

There is now quite a bit of advertisement touting the benefits of Internet TV. However, I personally do not think that it is of much use to the average joe for a very simple reason. We're already using our mobile devices while watching TV.

Like it or not, I still feel that the TV is just meant for me to watch TV shows, movies or play some playstation/xbox games. That's about it. If I want to do anything other than that, why would I bother to go to a certain place to switch on the TV to surf the Internet when all I have to do is to grab a mobile device and start surfing whereever I am.

In fact, in my house, I even set my TV up such that I can watch my TV shows on an iPad, reducing the need for me to even switch on the TV if I choose to. Somethings look better when you watch on a bigger screen though but still, there are other shows that are fine on a small screen (e.g. news).

All in all, I find Internet TV a waste of money. I would rather save that amount for other more useful gadgets.

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Unknown said...

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