Monday, September 9, 2013

You want search and yet want privacy?

Sometimes I think the class action suits raised by some people do not really make sense. One immediate example I can think of is the one over Gmail "reading" your emails.

Seriously, when you sign up for Gmail, you already know that Gmail is able to let you find your emails easily by searching through the content of the email. This is one of the features of Gmail and obviously, Gmail can only let you search the contents of your email if they analyse the content of your emails.

If you want the search feature of Gmail, then you have to allow Gmail to analyse the content of your email. It's just logic. For example, no one is going to give an accurate quotation if you're moving house if you do not let the person in to see what are they going to move.

If you do not want any company to look through your emails, then invest in your own email servers or get one that does not offer a web-based email, only a pop3 email account.

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