Monday, September 16, 2013

Slower pace of life?

I think all of us hope that we can live a life that we want but at times, do we have a choice?

Many people have different aspirations. Some wish to make lots of money and buy lots of things. However, some just like to enjoy life and earn enough for sustenance. The pace of life will therefore naturally be slower than others.

Every time we hear certain individuals talk about the economy and about certain policies, I can't help but think that the expectation is for all of us to work to our deaths for the benefit of the country. Are we alive just to enrich our bosses and the country we're in? If we want to have the choice of a slower pace of life, knowing that it means that I can't go overseas every year, why can't we have the choice? Even the law doesn't protect those employees who wish for a slower pace of life.

Shouldn't we have the choice of choosing how we want to live our life?

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