Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time for carbon tax

It's time for the world to really consider carbon tax. A study has indicated that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, whose melt may be responsible for 10 percent of the sea-level rise caused by climate change, is warming twice as quickly as previously thought. A re-analysis of temperature records from 1958 to 2010 revealed an increase of 2.4 deg C over the period - three times the average global rise.

What has that to do with carbon tax? The problem with the world now is that everyone wants to do it cheaper, better, and faster. So what happens? Increase productivity? Not very likely. Instead, businesses usually look at their bottom line and most probably, quality drops and shortcuts are taken.

So what happens when shortcuts are taken? More pollutants are inevitably been released more because the fact is that many are going the way of cheap energy. Cheap energy is easy to find and cheap to use.

How do you then discourage businesses from using energy that releases more pollutants? The only way is to make those types of energy more expensive. How do you do that?

Carbon tax is one way. Tax the carbon that is being released out into the air and use the money to invest in clean energy.

There are obviously people who said that this is a load of bull. Well, to these people, I ask them to stay at Beijing for a few years and breathe in their smog, and then tell me after that if it is a load of bull.

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