Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sentosa Flowers Exhibition

The Sentosa Flowers Exhibition runs every year during Chinese New Year since 2005 in Sentosa, where it attempts to showcase tropical and spring flowers in a natural outdoor setting. Sentosa is located near the Habourfront MRT station. You can take a look at the location below.

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This year's exhibition runs from 9 - 17 Feb 2013. Although I've not been to many of the flower exhibitions, this year seems to be based on themes and the flowers are designed according to the theme.

Well, this year's theme is obviously based on the snake. There are a few other areas with certain themes but it was kinda lost on me. Did I enjoy it? Well, not really because there are not really many varieties of flowers. It seems to me though that I will see more varieties of flowers in the Botanic Gardens.

If you're into flower sculptures, then you may enjoy it. All is not lost though. There are still a few varieties of flowers that I enjoy looking at. Below are some photos of the Sentosa Flowers Exhibition. Enjoy...

Last but not least, a picture of a lizard looking at the flowers in the exhibition. :)

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