Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get back to real live conversation

With all the social media hype around us, I think it is quite often that many people are using social media as a form of replacement for real life authentic conversation with real people.

True. Social media helps us to bridge gaps that we could not years ago. We're able to find out what our friends are doing, even though we may be living miles apart. However, it gets a bit out of hand when you're using it as your only form of communication. Just imagine facebooking your friend or whatsapping them when they are just sitting across you. Cat got your tongue?

When you are trying to build lasting relationships and resolve conflicts, email, social networks and texts often just do not cut it. Have you tried speaking to someone in a speedy, frequent, high-volume manner?  Is it thoughtful or effective? Quantity of conversation cannot substitute for quality of conversation. Quantity vs Quality logic applies to everything.

If you're guilty of using social media as your only form of communication, stop and re-look at what you're doing. Is it effective? Is it thoughtful? Does it build lasting relationships?

Highly unlikely.

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