Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why can't we accept independent elderly?

Some time back, I overheard some young folks (not that I'm very old) talking about the elderly working at certain low paying jobs and remarking that they will never let their direct relatives work at such an age. I guess they haven't really seen much of life yet.

People should accept that in this world, there are older folks that are more independent, and wish to rely only on themselves for their living. In fact, I often see people jumping into conclusions when they see elderly working. In fact, some immediately jump into a certain conclusion when they see elderly sleeping at void decks, not knowing that they prefer to sleep outside and they have their own flats.

In life, there are people who wants to rely only on themselves for their own living. They reject all kinds of help as they strongly believe in reliance on oneself. Help is only at the last resort. Some also love to work as it also keeps them occupied and connected to the world. This is actually healthy living.

Therefore next time when you see elderly working, look at them with a more open mind and do not automatically jump into conclusions unless you have the facts to back it up. Who knows. The elderly may be having more fun that you at your own workplace.

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