Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Error message in a plane?

I was "amused" when I read about some of the problems encountered by the new Boeing's Dreamliner, and that the pilot saw an "error message" in the cockpit. Although I'm in the technology line, it sets me thinking if there is too much technology everywhere such that we're now seeing "error messages" in places other than our personal computers.

In my line of work, I frequently advised people that sometimes too much technology will over complicate matters instead of simplifying your problem and making it easier for you. In this case, I don't think I have a whole lot of confidence if a transport that I'm riding gives me an "error message". Or worse, what happens if you see a blue screen?

There are a few types of programming, and the types that I'm more confident in its efficiency is embedded programming, where the programming can directly controlling the circuit boards. For those type of programming that shows an error message, I'm sorry but that's more higher level programming which is more prone to errors.

The lower the language that you go (assembly anyone?), the more direct control you have, and the more certain you are in knowing what exactly you're doing.  The higher level programming language usually has a lot more flexibility, but also more prone to errors due to the flexibility. I guess most people do not know this, based on my experience that everyone wants "flexibility".

Now back to the dreamliner. Well... I hope that the "error message" was something minor.

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