Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Developing IT becomes core part of businesses

In-sourcing has been the new trend as businesses have gradually realised that to have a competitive advantage, it's necessary to grow your own in-house technology team to be able to quickly help the business adapt quickly and be in the forefront.

Looking after customers, predicting trends, developing in-house tools so that processes can be more stream lined which translates to faster turnaround time. All these are becoming increasingly important and if you do not have in-house expertise, your competitive advantage is as good as the other company that is hiring the same vendor as you.

Out-sourcing has gradually lost its shine as businesses realised that technology has become ingrained into all types of businesses, be it a simple manufacturing company (think SCM), or even a provision shop (think CRM). Customers will only be loyal to the company if the company shows that it is able to innovate and understand the customers need. That would mean investments in technology that will help you to predict such trends, or a superman who has a very good memory and intuition.

Like it or not, to survive in the ever changing world, businesses need to start developing IT as part of their core, and not outsource everything and hope to get the cheapest quote.

Quality is never cheap. That's a fact.

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