Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's wrong with retirement?

I don't quite understand why some people think that retirement will lead to a person's body to shutdown. As a result, they think that one should continue working and not have the word retirement in the dictionary.

Personally, I think that people who thinks this way do not really have much of a life outside work. In short, workaholics.

From my experience, I even have problems finding time to do what I'm interested in when I do not even have kids. Meeting up with friends for talk and games, playing my guitar and practicing different music genres, even playing computer games which I've stopped since I got married. These "sidelines" that I have also excite your brain cells and ensure that your brains are being used actively.

Seriously, I believe a person's body will only shutdown after retirement when you do absolutely nothing but eat and sleep. In fact, you do not even need to retire. You just need to do absolutely nothing but sustenance for a long period of time.

If this is really what most Singaporeans think of retirement, we have to seriously look at the life of a Singaporean. You mean work really takes up so much of their time that they have no life outside work, and when they retire, they are lost at what to do? Is that kind of life healthy?


Rhinestic said...

We could, if

1) there's a way to find work that doesn't seem to be like a second wife/husband to u and yet still have reasonable pay and CPF to pay off the HDB loans.

2) Living an alternate lifestyle outside the material world. =)

3) Can't u post blog posts on alternate days? Then u got time to play ur games lar ==

Jezebella said...

I believe that an "abrupt retirement" could lead to a severe shutdown in terms of mental capabilities, causing senile among the old. So even if a retiree is not working, one must actively keep the brain working hard.

Abao said...

hmm, my opinion is that one should work part time after retirement, maybe for 4-6hours a day so as to get some income for subsistence and the savings made over the prime can be used for trips or medical bills which can be quite hefty in singapore.

though yea i agree that work has sapped time and energy that i dont have time to pursue my other hobbies, especially photography which i am just getting started with

Rhinestic said...

I believe his 'retirement" is to do something that he likes at old age, and not stuck with working for the sake of working.

chantc said...

Jezebella: "Abrupt retirement" could only lead to a severe shutdown in mental capabilities if and only if the person did not have a "life" in the first place. That would mean that work consumes the whole life until this abrupt retirement. Is that healthy?

Abao: I have nothing against working part-time during retirement, but more towards those who experience a mental shutdown during retirement. To me, these people treat work as their life, and to me, that is not healthy, be it your own mental state, and to your family.

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