Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally a definition of stress@work?

Recently I have chanced across an article talking about stress at work. Apparently, the scientists defined stressful positions as those with demanding tasks and little authority or creativity. Those jobs were also tied to a 40 percent greater chance of getting any kind of cardiovascular disease.

Looking strictly at definition, do most jobs fall into the category of stressful positions?

Demanding tasks are quite common in Singapore. How often were we given impossible deadlines because the upper management does not realize that a piece of work is not as simple as that short paragraph that describes it?

Most of us are also not given much authority and creativity in our line of work. Reason being that most businesses still work on the centralized model when decision making is done at the top, and the others just execute those decisions.

Creativity is also not often found in most job scopes. If you are looking in terms of risk management, creativity is also quite often not encouraged as it may involve treading on new ground and there is no past experience to rely on. Do we have companies that create products like the iPhone that sell millions? You get the point.

Therefore, my conclusion is that we have a high chance of getting high blood pressure and heart attacks because most jobs here fit the definition of stressful positions. Don't you agree?


Rhinestic said...

Another type of stress - Clients accusing of things that you did not do, or it's their fault in the first place. And they think they know everything.

Rhinestic said...

accusing you of*

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