Thursday, November 4, 2010

Students think that attitude does not count in job hunting??

I find it quite disappointing that students nowadays think that grades are everything. It seemed that based on the recent Singapore Kindness Youth Forum, they have the impression that grades take higher priority than all else, especially in finding jobs. I'm not sure who gave them this impression but this is not exactly true. Let me explain.

I do agree that grades do take a part in the screening of the job interviewees, but attitude also plays a big part in the hiring process. In the final round of interview, it's always the way you present yourself and your attitude, that determines the result. For all those working adults, it's well known that grades may only help you in your first job. After that, your grades don't matter that much.

I find it quite disappointing that student nowadays think that grades supersedes everything. Are our schools teaching this kind of values to the students? Are students now dragged into the rat race so early?

That portion on compulsory community work is another area which I cannot phantom. Kindness comes from the heart. If you do not have the heart, does it matter if you're forced to do it? Isn't it better to have it as a CCA? I believe it will be more meaningful for everyone if one volunteers to do community work instead of being forced to.

Is that how Singapore will evolve? Everything is all about grades?


Student X said...


I do agree with you that students now see grades as everything. You'll be surprised how some value their friendship with you based on your grades. Not joking with you.

I am a student myself and I ever had students refusing to do project work with me because my grades are not as good as them.

In short, I was deemed not to be able to value add their grades based on my grades.

These people are the leader of future Singapore.

Rhinestic said...

@Student X: that's very sad!!

It's kinda sick that most of us are forced into this rat race because we get into the vicious cycle of being so obsessive abt being better than others that we neglect our own mental well-being and values.

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