Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Republicans look set to bring the House down... again!

I don't think the Republicans are still going to allow the government to function normally. Recently they have been blocking all the nominations for some of the posts within the US administration. Personally, I think that they are causing the poor rank and file people to be overworked because if the position isn't filled, who will be doing the job? Seriously, they should put a clause that whoever who objects to the nomination without sufficient basis has to cover for that particular position full-time, at no pay.

If you look at the current trend, do you think that the Republicans will be able to resolve this budget and debt ceiling fiasco by Dec 2013? Of course not. They are too busy trying to implement party interest even though they are clearly not in-charge of the government.

So what happens if this deal is not done by Dec 2013? In short, the Republicans will then be responsible for being the party that single handedly prevented the Wall Street year end rally, disrupting all the "potential" bonuses some people may have, and thus bringing down consumption.

Let's hope not, for everyone's sake.

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