Monday, November 11, 2013

Obamacare issues may not be technical in nature

The recent Obamacare website issues does not really sound like a technical issue to me. Just looking at the issue from a third-party perspective, it seems to me that the main issue is there isn't a solution architect in-charge of looking at the system holistically.

If you are looking at a solution to work end-to-end with multiple systems, you need a main contractor or an overall solution architect team to design all the systems end to end. The reason is very simple. Without someone overseeing the whole architecture of the system, how do you ensure all the systems can perform optimally and also interface with each other without any issues?

Solution architects are the ones that are able to design and ensure that the functionality requested in the system are able to work seamlessly and optimally. They are the ones that can keep groups of developers working as a team to design the system such that the requirements meet the functionality of the system.

The issue now is that a lot of people have been pampered by big MNCs such as Apple and think that simple to use systems are easy to develop. Ask any developer this question and they will give you the "death stare". In fact, some think that it's so "easy" to develop easy to use applications that they think solution architects are not a necessity.

Reading the "tabloids" about the Obamacare issues seem to indicate that there is no overall solution architect designing the whole system end to end, and it seems that it was the way the project was being funded. Just because the system did not work as intended does not mean that the technical team is at fault.

If there is no overall solution architect or a main contractor looking at the full end to end solution, then the issue is the project organisation structure isn't structured in such a way that someone is looking at the big picture. That is the main issue.

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