Monday, October 21, 2013

US Congress playing with fire

Last week's fiasco in the US congress seems to show that party priorities is more important than the country's priorities. In fact, after the US president sign the bill into law to avoid the US going into default, the tea party Republicans immediately started preparing for the 2014 elections.

When elected into the government, country priorities should be way ahead of party priorities. Instead, the Republicans refused to pass the budget or raise the debt limit over an unrelated item, Obamacare. This is party politics at its worst. This is akin to protecting a pine tree in the middle of the forest but letting the other trees surrounding it burn.

Guess what? The fire will also spread to the pine tree and the whole forest will still burn down. This kind of strategy is a recipe for disaster. I hope this kind of strategy will not persist next year. This is an unnecessary distraction.

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